Known Bugs

List of known Bugs in ESPL1000. If you find one, please send an email.
Bugs will be removed from this List after they are resolved.

# reported on description
1 9.8.2021 List<List<int>> does not parse (lexer recognizes '>>' binary shift right operator)
2 9.8.2021 function calls do not work when referencing struct members or array elments. e.g.
would not parse, even if it had the type of a function.
4 9.8.2021 valgrind ./build/sd-tests
shows that the tests for sd leak memory.
It is actually sd itself, which is leaking, because of type substitution in type inference code for generic types.
5 9.8.2021 Type Inference for generics doesn't seem to work for multiple Types.
This examle generates type errors:
struct Point {
	?T0 elem1;
	?T1 elem2;
fn main()~>int {

	Point list = malloc(3);

	int k = list.elem1;
	float f = list.elem2;
	return 0;